space (Photo credit: Sweetie187)

Six weeks have passed since my last post, aptly titled ‘Silence’. What can I say kids, I never promised you the world. Life happened and since this blog was supposed to roll with the punches, that’s what it did. WordPress apparently has changed interface since I last logged in. Well, will you look at that.  September was filled with a playwriting project,  a little melancholy, reflection and celebration over ten years gone and the beginning of autumn. Sharing all this with you would have seemed a little over-indulgent, even though a few years ago I would have happily wallowed in the drama.

Enfin, it is October now and having placed a drinking ban on myself this month to aid the half-marathon,  that will be run on the 28th as part of the 12 Challenge project, I think this month should be positive reflection and active planning.  I am in a good place and have quietly (haha, as if.) laid the foundations of the life I want to build. I think it is time to progress to a new level. This means setting goals and making plans. My personal preference is to write about it and share with you part that I choose because a) I’m more likely to keep to it if my plans are out there. b) you might have ideas that can help me achieve my goals.

So expect more updates this month, a little diversion from the original concept for this blog but I hope you don’t mind. In fact, if you do mind: just don’t read it – simples.

Day one of October project:  Room overhaul. Symbolic as well as practical. It is the easiest way to create a good thinking space ( which triggered the picture suggestion I believe) : declutter the physical space and proceed from there.

Let’s put some music on and let’s go!


…without much progress. Hmpf. I know this project is only meant to be a detour and not to take up my life but I need to start detouring as it is March already.

This is a photograph of three chicks hatching ...

This is a photograph of three chicks hatching in an incubator. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is officially Spring, which means it is the perfect time to tick ” Witness a birth” of the list. Need to find a place where they are lambing or where eggs in incubator get transformed into baby chicks. It is not impossible, anyone with a pet about to give birth – let me know!

Clearly, I need to get on this with a bit more vigour than I have managed til now. Maybe it is time to install a weekly blog on this project. I have nine more months to make these 12 challenges happen! It should not be impossible but it is heading that way if I don’t start to get myself organised.

What is easy to organise:

– Photo album: halfway there, just not finished yet.
– Baking croissants, this really can be done in a weekend.
– Practise the harmonica, just need to start.
– Plan to go to the dance lessons already purchased

Weekly messages it is then. Shall we try every Wednesday? Yes Let’s! I hear you all cry.

Wonderful. Next week Wednesday: another update. Hopefully more newsworthy than this one.

I’ll be here. Will you be here too?