For all the planning that most of my challenges need, sometimes things happen spontaneously… Just as you are going about your own business … BAM! There is your challenge.

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One of the reasons I was unable to tell you about the tackled challenge, was because it was A Secret. You see last weekend one of my closest friends from uni got married. She got proposed to in July and planned the wedding for April. Not a lot of time then to sort out hen-weekends, dresses, hair/make-up and all that jazz.

Now, it has to be said after all the stories of Bridezillas, my friend stayed calm cool and collected throughout this whole ordeal. There was only one thing. One. Thing. That she would really like us to do. Like REALLY like us to do. What that was? Flash dance.

That is “flash dance” as in “flash mob”, nothing to do with flashing bodyparts or the film. That would take friendship to a whole new level. Nope, a dance with a group and take the groom by surprise.

So one evening in preparation, we went through several YouTube clips trying to find a suitable example for our own level of dance skills.  Suddenly I realised I was about to face one of my fears: I can’t dance in a group. (or in a pair.) I can just about freestyle in my own little corner but to be in a group brought back memories of ballet classes.  You know the deal: you’re eight, a bit chubby and incredibly unco-ordinated you try to follow the tall blonde girls in front of you but seem to be a beat behind everyone else. All the time. It put me off dance classes or any group classes for life: Zumba is not for me kids.

Now, in the name of friendship, I was about to learn dance moves from a video and not only was I to dance in a group: I would be part of the frontline. G’dang, who’d have thunk.

We decided on a snippet of a dance on a Grease classic, which had clear moves and instructions. Still getting the moves down took two hours of blood sweat and swearing ( yes patience is also not my forte) then learning and repeating the moves took another two. The dance lasted 90 sec.  During the hen weekend, alcohol was used to limber up and moves were broken down.  There might even be a top secret video that was used for home rehearsal.

On The Big Day itself, forget the dress, the signing of the papers, presenting the newlyweds or the speech: the bridesmaid job didn’t feel over until the flash dance was performed… 9pm the cue track was played. 3 minutes later we were on and in 90 seconds it was over.  Time for a drink and with the relief came the realisation: Learning how to dance – TICK!

PS: No pics (yet) of said event, but I had a whole room of witnesses who can testify this happened!

Dont Panic

It seems ridiculous but yesterday I started to panic about this 12 challenges for 2012 project: mainly because I was worried that I just wouldn’t have  the time.

It all started when friends tried to arrange a weekend to celebrate our 10 years of friendship. As we went through the months, someone always seemed to have something which meant they couldn’t make that weekend. With seven diaries to co-ordinate you soon get to Christmas, I tell you.

This set off the worry that it might be December 2012 soon and I wouldn’t have done any of my challenges because the days just fly by and plans are already made early. ( Note: When did the days start flying by and when were 24hrs just not enough for a day?)

Suddenly, I found myself lying awake at night thinking about this conundrum.  This was not what this project is about. The challenges should be fun: they all have a positive spin, no restrictions like with many New Year’s Resolutions.  Plus, so what if I don’t tick all the boxes? The world won’t end. ( Well, it might on 21 Dec 2012 – if it does, my little project won’t save it.) So I tried to empty my head and go to sleep hoping for a solution in the morning.

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The solution was found in my inbox, through LivingSocial who offered a Four- Week Beginner’s Dance Course at the Latin Dance Academy.  Challenge 1 of 12: Learning to Dance is on its way!