The challenges are hardly Herculean: they are just meant to be fun and happiness-inducing, as well as… well… personally challenging I guess. In no specific order:

Don’t get excited: I don’t look good in lion skin.

The 12 challenges

1. Learn to dance –  completed on 29/4/2012
2. Witness a birth – completed on 4/4/2012
3. Make croissants from scratch –completed on 2/6/2012
4. Make a real photo album out of digital collection – completed on 18/6/2012
5. Go on a short silent retreat
6. Spend a day with my 13-year old cousin
7. Learn how to shoot a gun
8. Write the word “Courage” on Ipanema beach – completed on 4/4/2012
9. Learn to play the mouth harmonica
10.  Spend time with a teaching-assistant in a special needs school – completed on 27/06/2012
11. Learn to sing Gounod/Bach’s version of Ave Maria
12.  Run a half-marathon with my sister – completed 28/10/2012

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