The twelve challenges for 2012 are made up mainly for my own amusement but I encourage you to join me on my quest! This project is my personal act of defiance in the face of the global doom and gloom that seems to be dominating our lives.

Despite the near-daily news on the recession or approaching Mayan Armageddon, I still believe that life a) is short and b) is what you make of it – so you might as well make it interesting.

That said, it’s not about sticking one’s head in the sand in order to avoid the real world and daily life: the challenge is to work with what you got. I see this project as a bonus-level in a computer game, a little scenic detour from the road.

Please read on, I hope you enjoy it!

PS: If you are interested in reading other things I have written: this is my other blog.


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