Brazil time (Ipanema beach-tick!)

As some of you may know by now, I made a flying visit to Brazil earlier this month. A year or so ago, I made an intoxicated promise and well, I don’t really like to break even drunken promises.

That is why I put ” Writing the word ‘Courage’ on Ipanema beach” as one of my challenges.  It was short, sweet and incredibly needed. In fact, the trip turned out to be quite well timed, in terms of increasing stress-levels and melancholic reflections. See, I am very aware that I have not finished all 12 challenges and with only six days until the New Year I doubt very much that it will happen. This would bother me,  because even though I always insisted that this project was a detour, a sideline as life happened: I like to finish the things I start. This can be a great trait or just a bit stressful and unfortunately I always seem to lean a little to the latter…

What better place to take a break than the country in which they seem to live life in a completely different pace than the rest of the world. Let me introduce you to ‘Brazil time’. Whether it is getting ready to go out, waiting for the bus, indicating distances, or making plans for the day: everything has an element of ‘more or less’ to it. Examples: “Are you nearly ready?” “Yes, more or less” ” Will the bus be here soon?” “Yes, more or less” “Is it close/far/walkable.” “Yes, more or less.” Enfin…

As I didn’t speak Portuguese and Rio is not super English, I was glad to have a personal guide in the form of my dear friend. As she took care of directions, places and times I suddenly felt all tension slip away from me. Nothing to worry about, no place to be, and with only two things that I wanted to see in five days the goals were reachable, even in Brazil time.

Screen shot 2012-12-24 at 16.26.55So I had time to make some observations:

    1. Sandy beaches like caster sugar do exist.
    2. Flaunt your body, body hang-ups are for losers.
    3. Be an appreciative audience of point 2. Even if you are out with your spouse/partner, guess it is the   ol’ adage “Don’t mind where he gets hungry, as long as he comes home to eat.”
    4. Point 2 and 3 do not justify eating my face.
    5. Use sunscreen. Even when cloudy.
    6. There is no point in time planning when traffic dictates your speed.
    7. Point 6 really is a metaphor for life.
    8. Friends in every place, shape, form and point of life are priceless.
    9. Birthdays are awesome.
    10. Really: do use sunscreen. It saves you a lot of peeling.

Bonus: Buy and wear gorgeous underwear. It just improves point 2, 6, 9 and 10.

Now I’m back home for the holidays, I know I still have five challenges to meet. However, there is no panic, it’s ok: it will happen, more or less… in Brazil time.

Happy Holidays everyone! x

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