Monthly Archives: November 2012

November 1st, I’m half way through my Three Musketeer book and like so many things in life it’s an ongoing project. I consider the October Project a success as I consciously refocused on the fledgling career:

I attended a workshop and discovered the pragmatic side to my creativity. My believe that in order for any message/ cause to come across, it should resonate with its audience. Entertainment (as in engagement) is key to any art form and perhaps even activism.

I read and worked with a book called Business Model You, and stopped halfway. All diagrams, self-reflection exercises and quizzes I came to one conclusion: I know what I want. Even the plan on how to get there I kind of already know: I just need to commit to the idea and the fact it will take time.

This month the goal of a creative career got a whole extra dimension for me, with the controversy over the RSC’s casting of the Orphan of Zhao. There are many people who have already written about this issue  more eloquently than I ever can aspire to: in-depth writings you can find here by Broderick Chow, here by Gabby Wong and here by Anna Chen. In short, what the issue highlights is the lack of visibility of East Asian actors on stage and lack of none stereotypical roles. As much as I forget about this at times, I am of EA descent as they say and my experience of life up til now, I’d describe as non-stereo typical. Just by writing I could perhaps contribute a little bit to positive change.


Already knowing what you want to do and what you are aiming for, is a huge leap forward. All the decisions you make from then on, should lead you to your goal. The problem with writing, especially creative writing, is that you never know how long it will take before you can make a career out of it. If it happens at all. (Posthumous careers are overrated!) I need money to live and I would love to make it by doing something I love. (That is writing, the other thing would be deemed illegal…)

If anything, this month has shown me that it is all very well to talk the talk, sometimes one needs to walk the walk. In my case this means writing. Lots of writing. Plays, screenplays, radio plays, reviews, articles anything to perfect the skill.  There are a whole lot of channels out there, looking for stuff but I just need to write it and send it. That is how basic it is.

Whether it will lead somewhere is of course another issue but I start November with a new commitment: if the writing career never takes off ( and I’m going to give myself another 70 years for this and then it might be time to find another hobby.) it should never be for my lack of trying.

It really just boils down to one thing: Just. Do. It.