Optimism – part 1

First things first: I have a baby nephew! One week old today! Hoorah!  After decades of fabulous female offspring: welcome to the world little man, you’re going to have an amazing time! I cannot wait to meet you 🙂

It’s been a good week, despite a bout of man-flu aka the common cold which got eased by a surprise text message from a friend. I probably hadn’t seen her for nearly a year, so had to check whether her joyous invite was indeed for me. It was.

She is one of those rare people who has the ability to team creative with commercial, or let’s say business, she’s not selling her soul. She seems to keep her integrity well through the many projects she does and more importantly she seems to be enjoying herself. This is something to aspire too, so apart from the usual catching up, we spoke about my desire to take this writing-marlarkey to a new level.

I see myself having two choices:

A) Find a way in to a creative enterprise and get to know the ropes and work towards my own writing.

B) Find a more commercial writing position and …

No wait, actually writing it down like this makes it very clear. In a perfect world I’d prefer Option A,  I would prefer a non-perfect job in a perfect environment for growth.

Actually maybe creative enterprise is too generic. I would like to find a role in an enterprise that reflects my values and my passions.  During our catch-up my friend asked whether I could define what I value, what I stand for if you like, I didn’t know what to reply. “Encouraging people who want change” seemed like such a naff thing to say. “Inspire optimism that life is what you make of it” made me reach for a bucket… So incredibly cheesey…but kind of true.

You see,  this is my litmus test for life choices: every time I have to make a life decision, I wonder about my gorgeous nieces and now little nephew… “What choice would I want them to make?” I wish the best possible life for them, so why not for me? It is not about choosing the easy path or avoid disappointments, hell I would have chosen something else by now,  but simultaneously let’s not make ourselves suffer because of some warped sense of martyrdom.

My lovely friend was an amazing soundboard and the next day she returned to me with this: http://caseforoptimism.org.uk/  People who look for a creative response to the troubles of our times,  creative support during transformation. It does sound a bit hippy-dippy to me too yes, but this blog does have the subtitle: my own way to deal with the global doom and gloom. By a co-incidence there’s an event next week just around the corner from me… Hm, I’ll attend on Thursday and report back.

To Be Continued…

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