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Happening Live!

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Is it still happening? Yes of course! I agree the updates have been a bit sparse, sorry, this is the first one since February started really. Not much has been done I have to admit, this whole “you only need 30 days to change your life “-thing is not for me. Some things take longer and the others shorter, that is the beauty and the freedom.

What I have done is some prep: my very cool sister and I will try to run a half-marathon Sept/Oct time. Giving ourselves plenty of time to train haha, and hope that the weather is nice: not scorching hot or icy cold. (There is the rain of course, which we shall ignore for the time being.)

Tomorrow I’m meeting someone who I shall ask to help me learn Ave Maria by Bach. She doesn’t know this yet, so if you read this: Hi! Guess what…

Pictures for the photo album are still an ongoing project. I’ve decided to start with a small album of my baby nieces first. They are only tiny for so long and I just want a memory of their baby-hood, when they still like me. One day, they might wake up and decide that it is all over.

My dance classes I can take until July, so I have time to faff about still. Yes, procrastination you do not know how much I fear this. I will do it but I shall wait until the very last minute.

Then the Silent Retreat, now there is a challenge. Sometimes I feel like i’ll explode if I don’t talk through my thoughts or write them down. Hoping/Knowing that won’t actually happen and after a friend mentioned it, I thought I might give it a go. There seems to be a lot of choice in silent retreats: all I know is that I want to be out of London to do this. The city is its own bubble and my ambitions and worries are too close. If I’m to reflect on life, on my 10 years abroad I shall be doing it somewhere pretty – thank you very much. (I love the map in the link, the UK tellingly disproportionate to the rest of Europe. Suggestions on where to go, very welcome.)

Still left of the 12 challenges are: making croissants, the birth (it’s not Spring yet!), the day with TA and day with cousin, the harmonica ( I need an empty house for that, wouldn’t want to torture my flatmates) and Ipanema beach where I might learn to shoot a gun. (Joke, mother.)

Enough to do still, better get going….