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As I was running through the crowds by Liverpool Street Station, dodging the travellers with their fags in their mouths, holding their suitcases or struggling with their over-sized backpacks while they stop and stare at my red face, sweating and a-fashionably dressed in my Plymouth hoody, I suddenly realised: the days that I gave a shit are long gone.

Just keep running.


This gorgeous Saturday I seem to have frittered away with (online) grocery shopping, an email with directions to my parents who’ll visit on Monday, doing laundry and general panic that my life veers dangerously close to being normal.

I guess that was the reason behind Challenge 2012 – to shake things up a bit, when feeling stuck and to keep on creating new projects that I enjoy doing. ( I am mostly telling myself, not you. Sorry)

Back in the day, and with that I probably mean the early 90s, many a Saturday was spent playing with my dad’s papercutter (machine of fascination) – radio playing in the background, while he was sticking in pictures into albums. As photography was one of his hobbies, my sister and I have an disproportionate amount of albums of our childhoods: from baby to teenager when we refused to pose any longer.

The albums are nice:  he used to order pictures, some in different sizes so they would take up a whole page or cut them to size to fit more in, then he would write down dates and places with a white pencil on the black pages ( Or later less intriguing, a ballpoint on white paper.)

The Canon PowerShot A95

The ritual of picture taking and ordering has obviously changed, as the BBC recently pointed out: the digital camera changed our lives. We can take so many pictures now, not just 24 or 36 as used to be on the film roll, and we can delete and store to our heart’s content that we have become blasé. We forget that we make the pictures to remember dates, travels, reunions and that, by the time we are 86 and finally retired,  we probably will have lost the files. Or at least have forgotten who the guy on the right of DSCN-0752 was.  Our grandchildren will be able to delete years, highlights of our lives with one accidental click on the screen: for them never to return or be shared.

Thus my reasoning to make a real photo album – to have an actual copy of the pictures all together, of my life when it happened, in which I would put dates, names and places.

However, when I told my dear friend H this, he was genuinely puzzled why I would go through the trouble of ordering copies and then glueing them into an album. ( ” To play with the papercutter once more?”) He suggested to try and find a digital photo-company that supplied photobooks: all you have to do is play around with the lay-out and they will print the book for you.

It was a great idea, so instead of cutting and glueing to the radio, I shall be selecting and sizing to the wondrous encouraging playlist on my ITunes. Happy weekend everyone!

Dont Panic

It seems ridiculous but yesterday I started to panic about this 12 challenges for 2012 project: mainly because I was worried that I just wouldn’t have  the time.

It all started when friends tried to arrange a weekend to celebrate our 10 years of friendship. As we went through the months, someone always seemed to have something which meant they couldn’t make that weekend. With seven diaries to co-ordinate you soon get to Christmas, I tell you.

This set off the worry that it might be December 2012 soon and I wouldn’t have done any of my challenges because the days just fly by and plans are already made early. ( Note: When did the days start flying by and when were 24hrs just not enough for a day?)

Suddenly, I found myself lying awake at night thinking about this conundrum.  This was not what this project is about. The challenges should be fun: they all have a positive spin, no restrictions like with many New Year’s Resolutions.  Plus, so what if I don’t tick all the boxes? The world won’t end. ( Well, it might on 21 Dec 2012 – if it does, my little project won’t save it.) So I tried to empty my head and go to sleep hoping for a solution in the morning.

Description unavailable

Image by huleeta_ via Flickr

The solution was found in my inbox, through LivingSocial who offered a Four- Week Beginner’s Dance Course at the Latin Dance Academy.  Challenge 1 of 12: Learning to Dance is on its way!

The 12 challenges for 2012 start here.

It should be fun. Today was spent setting up this new blog, in the coming days I shall write about my challenge-project. Feel free to browse and read up on the concept.

More shall be added soon but for now: let’s make 2012 a great year!

photocredit: Flickr – IceNineJon